Wireless Door / Window Sensor with Alarm by MSI

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This is a door or window alert system, letting a caregiver know when a door or window has been unexpectedly opened.  Install the magnetic contacts to the door or window, and the attached alarm alerts with a 90dB alarm when the door or window is opened.  Easy installation.  Also compatible with MSI home security systems, but works as a standalone alarm also with built in alarm siren.

The alarm on this one we love, because it is not crazy loud enough to frighten anyone on accidental opening.  It definitely sounds the alarm, but not the smoke-alarm (traditionally 110dB) ear drum harming siren you get with traditional burglar alarms.  This is a good alarm to guard an outside door from wandering patients who have caregivers within earshot.  The patients may even be deterred by the flashing power indicator on the front of the alarm.

Includes :
2 magnetic door/window open detection sensors
9v battery
Adhesive and mounting hardware
2door warning stickers
90dB built-in alarm is not super loud, but loud enough