(2-Pack) Safety Outlet Cover by KinderGard, Self-Closing Socket Protector for Babyproofing Outlets

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You might not want outlet locks on outlets you use all the time, like locations where you plug the vacuum in, but you still need to keep those outlets safe for baby.  That's where the KG-204 Safety Outlet Cover from KinderGard comes in.  Use these special outlet replacement covers on your most utilized outlets instead of the traditional KinderGard outlet plugs.  

The self closing design slides open when you need it to, but closes automatically when you remove the plug.  It installs with the included screws in place of your existing outlet cover, and if you can turn a screwdriver you can install these in seconds.  The spring loaded safety cover keeps baby from being able to stick anything in to the outlets you use regularly.

These work with both single screw standard outlets, and decora-style outlets with a top and bottom screw.  They are bulk packaged (no retail packaging, they ship in a sustainable recyclable plastic bag).  

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