KinderGard BabyProof Child Safety Corner Protector, Medical Grade Clear Edge Softeners, Child Proof Corner Bumpers, Set of 4 Corners

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Protect your baby from sharp corner injuries with the corner softening Child Safety Corner Protectors from KinderGard®.  This 4 pack of clear corner bumper guards includes easy installation double sided adhesive that will stick where you need it to, but come off cleanly when you want it to.

We've created an air pocket buffer channel into the multiple layers of the Corner Protector, putting a softening layer of air in-between your baby's forehead and the dangerous corner of a table or object.    

Protect both the top and bottom of each sharp table corner with a bumper.  If you have access to all four sides of a sharp corner table, you would want 2 packs, or 8 bumpers total to protect the top and bottom of each exposed table corner. 

Made of 100% Non-Toxic MEDICAL GRADE PVC, these bumpers can contact directly with foods or be gnawed on by kids.  However, this is not a teether nor a toy.  The intended use is limited to hard edge corner softening.  The large size is not a choking hazard.   

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