Kindergard Babyproof 2-Pack Cabinet Guards, Multi-Purpose Latches / Locking Straps for Refrigerators, Cabinets, Drawers, Dishwasher, Toilet

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Baby safety tether locks can be used as cabinet locks, cupboard locks, refrigerator locks, appliances locks, drawer locks, toilet locks or anywhere around the house where an additional closing lock will keep baby safer.

Both sides of the strap are secured with the included adhesive.  Simply peel the adhesive and secure the locking strap to what ever you need to stay closed.  Adults can easily lift the locking flap from either side and remove the strap, but babies and toddlers can't defeat the design.

The best part of the design of the KinderGard KG-77 is they work so many different ways.  The band is flexible, so it can wrap around and be used as a refrigerator "lock."  You can use it to keep two adjacent cabinet doors tethered closed, and it's not dependent on hooking on to the handles or knobs.  You can use them to keep a toilet seat in "drown-free" closed position, or use them to keep curious fingers from opening a dresser drawer.  The uses for the KG-77 are only limited by your adult creativity.  These are a general purpose accident preventer, and useful in every household with a baby or toddler.    

These baby savers are made from the highest quality ABS and PVC plastic.

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