Kindergard Babyproof Outlet Covers, 24 pack White, Electrical Safety Outlet Plugs

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Kindergard Babyproof Outlet Covers

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that 86% of reported electrical injuries occurred in children aged 1-4.  An estimated 3900 injuries associated with accidental electrical shock are treated in emergency rooms annually according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Toddlers sticking metal objects into wall sockets resulting in burns to their fingers and hands account for approximately one third of the injuries. Other injuries resulting from exposure to electricity include children biting electrical wires, squirting water from water guns or squirt toys into wall sockets,and plugging or unplugging wires.

According to data reported by Marshall Brain in 2005, besides the children who are injured annually from electrical shock, approximately 100+ children die from accidental electrocution as a result of unprotected outlets. 

Babyproofing lesson 101 is don't let the baby stick anything in the electrical outlets.  This is a 24-pack of pure white electrical outlet covers.  Plug them in, and take them out when baby goes off to college.

Cheaper isn't better.  These outlet covers are made of rigid ABS plastic.  They'll only come off when you want them to come off.  Outlet covers have been the #1 highest selling baby accessory since 1974.

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