Kindergard Babyproof 18-Piece Home Safety Starter Set, Baby Shower Gift Set

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We've taken all of the best KinderGard® babyproofing items and combined them into this one starter baby home safety set.  This would make a great baby gift for expectant parents, grandparents, or anyone who needs the basics to baby proof their home or apartment.  Each of these items is available separately from KinderGard®, but this complete kit is at a special value price and available for a limited time only.

The kit includes :

  • 4 table corner protectors
  • 4 locking electrical outlet covers
  • 2 multi-purpose self adhesive safety latches
  • 2 cabinet latches
  • 1 door stopper for smashed finger protection
  • 1 toilet lock
  • 2 oven knob covers
  • 2 drawer locks

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