Kindergard BabyProof Cabinet Lock, Ratcheting Sliding Lock, Adjustable Width

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This is the perfect design to easily keep baby from opening cabinets with dual handles or knobs.  It goes on in seconds, stretching to just the right length and then ratcheting in place.  You can open it with the pop of a button, but baby can't.  Suitable for cabinets with long D-Shape handles, some drawer pulls or round knobs with stems.  Kitchen cabinets, shop cabinets, pantry cabinets, bathroom cabinets, side by side refrigerator handles and some cupboards.  Pretty much anything with standard two adjacent knobs or handles.

We recommend something more hardcore for poisonous control areas, but for non-hazardous cabinets where you need to defeat a curious toddler, these will do the trick.  This is a 2 second problem solver.

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