KinderGard Soft Self-Adhesive Baby Proofing Foam Cushion Tape, Extra Long Roll

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This is a roll of super soft self adhesive foam cushioning tape.  It can be cut to any length, and in any shape to provide baby proofing for sharp edges.  Removes with no residue, but strong enough to stay in place on challenging surfaces like banister spindles, table corners, counter edges or other dangerous edges.  You can even use it as a makeshift chair rail to protect your walls!  It rolls on flat and is versatile enough to conform to challenging edges.  

It's low profile is non-obtrusive, but it's sponge-life responsiveness mitigates hard edges.  The main reason to buy this though is the material.  It's made of high-grade NBR foaming material which is non-toxic, PVC free, phthalates free and free of any harmful chemicals unlike the traditional pvc, nbr, eva or eco-pvc (still a pvc) which all contain carcinogen components. It is also latex-free.  It's baby safe, and you have the right to know what you are putting in your home.  

1" wide.  We made it 6' 5" long, giving you length for a 6 foot run with a little extra to trim it to your perfect length and shape.