Giver™ 130db Hospital Quality All Directions Medical Magnetic Tether Pull Cord Fall Alarm

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The Giver™ Code Blue Tether Alarm (PA-15) is a hospital quality all-directional medical fall alarm. The tether attaches to the alarm magnetically, and a pull on the magnet from any direction activates the alarm, which can only be silenced by aligning the magnet back on the base unit again. The alarm will alert a caregiver to a potential fall or if the patient attempts to move from a predetermined location. The unit has a back clip for easy attachment to a wheelchair, bed or bedside table and an "alligator" clothes clip for easy tethering to the patient's clothing.

  • 130dB caregiver alert alarm (loud enough to be heard by an attendant, but not loud enough to harm the hearing of the patient at close range)
  • Magnetic bar pull switch activates alarm from any direction the cord is pulled from
  • Length adjustable tether cord for perfect tension and immediate activation
  • Spring loaded clip for attaching to the patient's clothing
  • Quick connect mounting clip for easy attachment to wheelchair, chair or bed
  • Operates on standard 9-volt alkaline battery (demo battery included)