Giver™ Code Blue Couch Exit Alarm With Pressure Sensitive Mat and Caregiver Alarm

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Giver™ Code Blue couch alarms are designed for non-ambulatory patients to help with fall prevention. These are the same types of alarms that are available in hospitals and nursing homes nationwide, now available for home healthcare.   Select from a variety of cushion sizes to custom fit your patient's favorite couch.  These are the same as our chair alarms, only in extra long and thin sizes for couch use. 

All Giver™ Code Blue couch alarms come with a one year rapid exchange warranty as well, because the last thing a caregiver needs to hassle with is products that don't work right.  

The Giver™ Code Blue couch pad pairs with a multi-tone ruggedized loud alarm to summon a caregiver in case of emergency.  Tones range from soft music to a 120dB emergency alert based on user preset settings.  The couch pads clean up easily for years of use.  

They're simple to set up.  Most models are battery operated (batteries included!) and some also include an AC adapter.  Just pop in the included battery, plug the pad into the controller, and turn it on.  See the demo videos, and if you have any questions you can contact us directly!  

In addition, Giver™ also makes pressure sensitive fall prevention alarms for chairs and beds as well as pressure sensitive floor alarms.  

FDA Classification : 

 FDA Classification :

Class 1, Exempt from premarket notification.  This fall prevention alarm can be used two way. It can attach to a person's body or clothing or it can be used unattached where the person sits upon the sensor pad as with devices cleared under product code KMI.  510(k)-Exempt.