Rapid Exchange Program

Several of our products feature GIVER's Rapid Exchange program.  Those products will all feature the Rapid Exchange icon with the item listing.

If your product is covered under the Rapid Exchange program, during the warranty should your alarm experience any technical malfunction (which almost never happens) and we can't solve the problem for you...we will ship you a replacement alarm via. Priority Mail along with a prepaid return envelope to send the defective unit back to us.  It's our way of minimizing any disruption to your caregiver routine.

The Rapid Exchange Program is an industry first and only from GIVER.


**  Select models only.  The Rapid Exchange program covers the alarm component only, because it's not legal to ship used medical devices like bed pads once they are used.  Rapid Exchange determination is at the sole discretion of GIVER.  Replacement batteries due to product use is not covered by warranty.  If the original device is not returned to GIVER you will be charged the full replacement cost for the alarm.