Kindergard Babyproof Safety Foam Door Stopper, Green, Stop Fingers From Getting Smashed or Pinched

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It's a pretty common household accident for little fingers to get smashed in heavy doors.  It's also pretty easy to prevent.

This hard core finger smash prevention is a simple design.  It keeps the heavy internal doors from closing all the way, eliminating unexpected door slams from smashing tiny fingers.  It's made of flexible EVA foam, and works with any internal door.  It's rugged enough to take all the abuse your toddler might give a door, but soft enough to keep your door frame from harm while keeping the door from closing.

These work great on the open side, and keep the doors from slamming shut.  Hinges will always pose a danger though, so keep your eyes on the kids that are near the doors.  We make the door stoppers in contrasting colors so that you can see that the door is protected from across the room.

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