95dB Do-It-Yourself Patient Movement Alarm for Doors or Window Open Alerts by MSI

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The ENTRANCE ALERT is a 95dB magnetic alarm designed to detect unwanted entry or exits. It can be attached to nearly any window or door with included adhesive.  The alarm sounds when contact is broken, and then automatically resets after 45 seconds. Includes an on/off switch that allows use only when necessary. Battery included.

This alarm is NOT eardrum splitting.  It is loud enough to alert a caregiver, but it's not going to harm the wanderer.  We would not rely on this as a burglar alarm (although you could use it as one) as it is not loud enough to frighten an intruder.  

  • Low profile wireless stand-alone 95dB alarm
  • Easy Do-It-Yourself installation with included adhesive
  • Auto reset after 45 seconds
  • Battery included and preloaded (standard alkaline LR44 watch-type batteries)
  • Window warning stickers included

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