120dB Window Glass / Any Door Alarm Vibration Security Emergency Burglar Alarm with Warning Sticker and Wireless Installation by Giver (GA36)

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The GA36 Window/Door Alarm is one of the loudest rated wireless alarms on the market at 120dB. A 120dB alarm is 100x louder than a 100dB alarm. You and prospective burglars won't miss the fact that the GA36 has been alerted from it's armed/ready mode.

It's easy to install using the provided double sided adhesive tape, and included AAA batteries make the unit wireless and compatible with any door or window.

Once set to "Guard" mode, the 120dB siren will be activated if the glass or door is hit or knocked. The siren will sound for 45 seconds, and then will auto reset. The next time the alarm is activated, the siren will sound for 25-35 seconds. This sequence will keep the system armed while preserving battery life, keeping the batteries from draining to zero on a false alarm or in the event you are not there to reset it. Variable sensitivity also puts you in control of alarm sensitivity for high risk areas vs. high activity access points.

Giver also includes a burglar warning window sticker, which can be placed on the inside of any window facing out. "Warning! Electronic Security System in Operation"

The adhesive is rated to a room temperature of 30F. The adhesive runs the full length of the back of the device, and is suitable for all normal residential installations, and commercial installations in all areas other than cold storage where indoor air conditions may fall below freezing. One tip for permanent installations in harsh conditions is to add a few drops of superglue to the adhesive during installation, but for most normal residential installations --- even through the colder Midwestern states --- the included adhesive will handle all but the most abusive conditions.

The GA by Giver is a low cost, "do it yourself" access point protection alarm with no monthly monitoring fees and wireless installation.


  • 120dB Emergency Alarm with 45 Second Alert and Auto Reset
  • Self contained unit with no wiring required, compatible with ALL doors and windows
  • Vibration alert technology with variable sensitivity switch and vibration detection
  • 2xAAA batteries included, and front battery compartment for easy replacement
  • Burglar Warning window sticker : "Warning! Electronic Security System in Operation"