Giver™ Advanced Technology 36"x68" Folding Bedside Fall Safety Floor Mat Fall Alarm with Rip Cord Fall Alert and Pressure Sensitive Mat, Caregiver Alarm

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This is a dual function patient monitoring kit, featuring a floor sensitive bedside fall safety mat with a nurse call alarm with built-in rip cord tether fall detection system.

Giver™ Code Blue floor mat alarms are designed for non-ambulatory patients to help with fall detection. These are the same types of floor mat alarms that are available in hospitals and nursing homes nationwide, now available for home healthcare.   When the patient steps out of bed (or were they to fall on to the mat) the in-room alarm monitor sounds at 120dB to summon emergency assistance from a nearby caregiver.  This advanced technology alarm also includes a rip cord that can be attached to a patients bedclothes.  The tether connects to the caregiver alarm, and should the patient fall or otherwise tug the rip cord from any direction, it triggers the alarm to alert the caregiver. 
The fall alarm with rip cord can be used separately from the pressure sensitive floor pad in case you wanted to use the fall alarm in conjunction with a wheel chair or other setting.  It's really two devices in one for patient movement and fall monitoring.
All Giver™ Code Blue floor mat alarms come with a one year rapid exchange warranty as well, because the last thing a caregiver needs to hassle with is products that don't work right.  
The Giver™ Code Blue floor mat pairs with a multi-tone loud alarm to summon a caregiver in case of emergency.  Tones range from soft music to a 120dB emergency alert based on user preset settings.   

Alarm features :

  • Bed rail bracket
  • Wall bracket
  • Ripcord fall detector with clothing alligator clip and all-directions activation
  • DC Adapter included with 9V battery backup
  • Easy 5 second installation with simple RJ11 plug (included)
  • Rubberized protective case included
  • Secret alarm reset (press buttons on both sides of the alarm simultaneously)
  • Tamper-resistant operation controls inside battery compartment including tone switch (music/alarm/silent), volume switch (hi/low), delay switch (0 seconds, 2 second delay) 
  • Compatible with hospital nurse call relay systems (nurse call integration accessories sold separately but works with hospital nurse call stations)

Floor pad features :

  1. Folds for easy storage
  2. Top foamed PVC padding is soft for injury prevention but anti-slip
  3. Anti-microbial cover can be easily cleaned
  4. This extra large 36x68 size includes a reusable zipper dust cover for storage 

Giver™ also has this same technology available in smaller sizes, including 20x30, 24x36, and 24x68 (wider bed length and extra cushion).