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One of the larger benefits of in-home medical care is the ability to create a perfectly private means of increasing the patient's feeling of security and maintaining the highest levels of patient dignity. 

We're working on solutions to take additional elements of medical monitoring out of earshot of in-home patients.  For example, our Early Alzheimer's kit sends an alert to a remote receiver in the event of activity detection from the motion sensor, the door sensor, or the floor sensor without sounding an alarm in the patients room.

For other products that feature in-room detection devices, we've incorporated volume controls, reset buttons, and music options to soften the patient impact from the caregiver alert devices.

Caregivers have their hands full.  It's all about the patient, and matching a system to assist the caregiver but also with interest of the dignity of the patient in the process.  Our Early Alzheimer's kit is really only appropriate for early stages where the device itself is less likely to cause agitation to the patient.  Each patient deserves a careful analysis by the caregiver of not only what devices would be helpful, but what devices would integrate easily into the care of that particular individual with the first criteria being not only need but ease of integration with minimal to zero disruption in the disposition of the patient.  Only that patient's immediate caregiver is capable of assisting in making that determination.

Our enursis bedwetting alarms slip under the sheets and are almost undetectable by the user while they silently monitor patient comfort conditions.  We have a version for children that doesn't feature a hospital style nurse pager, but replaces that with a cute plush-style stuffed animal that happens to contain the nurse alert mechanism.  Our pressure sensitive chair, bed and floor alerts all feature enhancements for the patients like nurse call buttons that can be positioned for the patient's benefit.  In everything we do, we want compassion and patient dignity to lead our product deployment.  

Longer term, we're working on even better solutions.  Connected devices, intelligent devices, and next generation technology will all make better experiences for the patient.  We try and keep patient dignity at the forefront of product development at AwareGIVER so that the products we create help people have better, easier, simpler in-home care with greater patient dignity.


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