25% Cost Increase on Giver Nurse Call Replacement Cords

Posted by Dave Happe on

So our company Giver® Alarms is bringing in nurse call cords from our manufacturing partner in Asia - not because we make a lot on them (we don't) but because they help hospitals and nursing home facilities with low cost alternatives to expensive system replacements. The USA has recognized the value add of our cords to the supply chain, and awarded them with a 0% duty.

UNTIL the USA imposed a 25% Section 301 Tariff. 25% on the cost of goods as a penalty. Some of this will be passed on to the customers, some of this will be passed on to the end users, and some of this will be absorbed by us. We will work with the CBP to try and get an exemption, but it may be too late.

I agree with the United States trade policy in general, but applying a penalty fee towards critical equipment replacement for hospitals and nursing homes should have been baked in as a necessary exemption.

It won't stop us from providing these critical products to our customers who need them (we will lose money to make it happen) but there needs to be a happy medium between negotiating The Art of the Deal and harming a vital part of the United States critical infrastructure.

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